Friday, March 31, 2017

Plein Air at the Spring Market

Last time I plein aired was in February. And, before that it was this fall. So, I figured I'd be a bit rusty. Since I'd be inside the at the Spring Market, I wasn't quite sure what I would paint. I brought a house portrait and some other projects to work on just in case. After I set up I looked around and saw the hydrangeas and fern beautifully displayed at the front door, begging to be painted!

I brought some of my paintings and set them up around my easel. Lots of people stopped by to talk to me. It was fun meeting everyone!

My finished painting! Alice Siegel, the founder of the Bizarre Bazaar (Spring Market- she is standing to the left of me) loved my painting and purchased it right on the spot! It was a great morning, I loved getting back into plein air.:-)


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Painting for a Birthday Present

It was an honor to be asked to create a spring inspired painting for a friend's 40th birthday present! I love how it turned out in their lovely family room.

About this painting:
Oil on canvas with copperleaf

My friend contacted me about creating a painting for her family room. I 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

When I'm not "feeling creative"

"Spring On My Mind" 16x20" Oil on canvas with copper leaf, Available for purchase

This past week I had such a list of commissions to get done! And I've been battling an awful cold. I feel terrible for not getting in my studio, but I simply am not able. On Tuesday I tried and ended up with a muddy mess of a painting. Especially with my new abstracts, I can not force my creative juices to flow. Fixing up my website and posting a blog entry have helped me feel a little more productive! For now I'm going to stop feeling guilty, take some cold medicine and go to bed. Here's to feeling better soon!