Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canada Landscape

Last summer Rob & I went on vacation to his family's cabin on Round Lake in Ontario, Canada. The landscape was beautiful offering so many opportunities for painting and taking lots of pictures. We went on a bike ride and the clouds that day were so big, white and puffy--my favorite!

About this painting:
media: oil on gallery wrapped canvas ready to hang
size: 5'' x 5''
price: $75

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Painting at Maymont

This morning, I decided to go to the Japanese Garden in Maymont and paint. It was a beautiful place for painting. I'll definitely go back and do more pieces. It's amazing somewhere so nice is so close to where I live. Hopefully, I'll be almost finished with the painting tonight at Wednesday Night Paint Group. (WNPG from now on)

Yesterday, I visited an art gallery and was amazed at the pieces there. I love the big, bold brushstrokes! I need to use larger brushes when I paint.

The eggplant has been completely redone. I decided it's not right; the way it's sitting next to the bowl, so la de da. The eggplant alone will look much better.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Stasia!!

Here are the 3 pieces that I made for Stasia's surprise birthday party this weekend.
They are acrylic on foam board.

bowl & eggplant

Last Thursday night, my friend, Shannon brought me an eggplant from her parent's garden. I had every intention of cooking a spectacular dinner for Rob & me Friday night, but it just didn't end up happening. So, I decided I'd cook it on Sunday. Again, didn't happen. Rob's playing tennis tonight so isn't happening again. So what to do with this eggplant?! I'll make it my first daily painting... It is still in progress, not quite feeling that it's finished yet.

About this painting:

media: acrylic on canvas
size: 10'' x 10''

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting an Expert Opinion

I worked more on the cats this morning. Quincy decided he wanted to get in my lap and give me some pointers.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kitty Painting

My painting Wednesday Night Painting Group had guest pet portrait artist and teacher, Adele Castillo. We all brought in a pet picture we wanted to work on. She did a demo for us to see how to get started then walked around and helped us. I choose an old picture of my cats, Quincy & Bandy snuggled together on my bed. I've always loved this picture, but I didn't consider how hard it is to paint!!

The background was yellow and now I'm making it purple. I think the darker background makes the cats pop better. Right now, my trouble is defining their faces. I'm working in oil so it's taking a while for the paint to dry for me to continue on the next layer of paint. I have a long ways to go....I'll continue to post on it's progress. I believe for this painting, patience is key!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Here goes nothing!

I just signed up on this blog site. Not sure who's really interested in my thoughts, ideas etc. but what the heck, I'll give it a try. I'm currently working on a painting of my two cats. It's been a work in progress forever. I keep thinking hopefully I'll get in the zone with it soon! My group (WNPG) has a couple of art shows coming up this fall so I also need to get the kitties finished for that.

After the kitties, I want to do a painting of my shih-tzu, Pepper. Next, I'll paint a gem of an alley I found in the fan on a walk one day. It was like a secret garden. Fortunately, I had my camera and took a bunch of pictures. I'll post pictures when I figure out how all this works!