Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Putting Stripes in the Hallway

This was a project I did a few summers ago. Thought I'd share the process.
Here is our entrance looking down from the staircase.

Down the hallway looking from the front door. Quincy sits on the steps wondering what I'm up to now.

Upstairs at the top of the steps.

Other part of the upstairs hall.

Putting up the paint!

Upstairs stripes are finished.

Now downstairs... 

Adding some touches.


Meet Marmalade

This past year I decided to get to know my neighbors and help out the community. I joined the Fan Women's Club. We did many events throughout the season to raise money and volunteer for different groups in the Fan. One event was called ArtyGras. I donated a pet portrait to an art auction. Marmalade's owner, Gail was the winning bid. Here is her painting: