Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday Party!

Witten’s big birthday bash was so much fun, and even the weather cooled off for us. Here are some pictures from it. This rubber duckie that greeted guests at the front door is actually Witten's bathtub.

Rob and I strung up balloons that morning that I got from Target. They made the place so festive! (Thank you Ta for the helium tank!)

Just some construction paper I cut in circles, painted letters on
and taped to string.

Here's the birthday boy! Ready for our party.

Guests started arriving. Witten's buddy, James is also his neighbor.

I had sidewalk chalk on our front porch for the kids to play with. It was a hit. Our porch was a masterpiece by the end of the party.

My mom is a proud grandma.

Rob's parents greeting Ashton and Olivia.

Mary Nell showing Witten his birthday balloons. (She is the one who took all of these wonderful pictures!)

Grandpar, Rob and Witten's godfather, Mark Cross. The kids had so much fun with the large balloons. They lasted longer than I expected.  

Elizabeth on the front porch with Azari and Bubba.

Elizabeth, Shannon and Mary Nell. All of Witten's Aunties. :)

Olivia and Ashton taking it all in!

Time for some cake! Here is Witten's smash cake I made. I found a little cake pan at Sur la Table. (Thanks to my brother-in-law, Scott for the baking kit!) For those unfamiliar with a smash cake it’s a tradition where you bake a tiny kid-sized cake for your one year old…

… and encourage them to dig in and make a big mess while snapping lots of photos. At first, Witten was not sure what to do.

But, he soon figured it out!

Back from his bath with Shannon.

With Papa in the kitchen.


These bubble containers shaped like ice cream cones are from Target in
the party aisle. I used a silver sharpie to write each child’s name on them
to create cute little favors.

We have had the best year!

Here is a video I made of Witten's first year. It’s amazing how much
has happened! We are very lucky parents to have such a wonderful little boy!